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Rainstorms hit Guangdong, weather forecast for upcoming days...

2021-May-3       Source: Newsgd.com

It seems the rain is going to last over the upcoming days, so where can we go on a tour during the holiday?

It was sunny across Guangdong on the first day of the May Day holiday. However, the weather changed dramatically on May 2nd, with rainstorms hitting most parts of the province including Guangzhou, Maoming and Zhanjiang.

People visit Shenzhen?Safari Park during the May Day holiday. (Photo: Zhu Hongbo)

On May 3rd, northern Guangdong, eastern Guangdong, and the northern areas of the Pearl River Delta are expected to be cloudy, with thundery showers or heavy rains, and some gales. Other regions of the province will be cloudy with scattered showers.

From May 4th to 5th, there will be cloudy and heavy rains in northern Guangdong, central and northern cities and counties of the Pearl River Delta, while eastern Guangdong will meet moderate thunderstorms and scattered heavy rains, or sudden thundery showers with gales in some areas. The highest temperature will range from 28℃ to 34℃.

People visit a shopping mall in Guangzhou during the holiday. (Photo: Nanfang Plus)

7-day weather forecast for Guangzhou

May 3rd (Monday), cloudy with thundery showers, 23℃-30℃

May 4th (Tuesday), cloudy with thundery showers and light fog in the morning and evening, 23℃-30℃

May 5th (Wednesday), cloudy with thunderstorms, 22℃-28℃

May 6th (Thursday), overcast with cloudy spells, thundery showers, 22℃-29℃

May 7th (Friday), overcast with cloudy spells, 23℃-30℃

May 8th (Saturday), cloudy, 24℃-31℃

May 9th (Sunday), overcast with cloudy spells, 24℃-29℃

People watch Cantonese Opera performance in Yongqing Fang in Guangzhou during the holiday. (Photo: Zhu Hongbo)

It seems the rain is going to last over the upcoming days, so where can we go on a tour during the holiday? If you enjoy the sunshine, you can go to eastern Guangdong where the weather is predicted to be sunny for a longer period.

If you are going to visit middle or northern Guangdong which is expected to see heavy rain on May 4th and May 5th, you need to arrange your tour properly.

Western Guangdong will experience thunderstorms during the upcoming days, so if you are heading to that area, please pay close attention to weather forecast and traffic safety during your trip.

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Editor: Monica Liu

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