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Guangzhou's Liwan reports one confirmed COVID-19 case

2021-May-21       Source: Newsgd.com

A new confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in Liwan District, Guangzhou on May 21, 2021, according to the city's publicity department.

A new confirmed case of COVID-19 has been reported in Liwan District, Guangzhou on May 21, 2021, according to the city's publicity department.

Ms. Guo, 75 years old, lives in Liwan's Jinlong Community, Longjin Street (龙津街道锦龙社区). On the afternoon of May 20, Ms. Guo walked to the Liwan Central Hospital of Guangzhou (荔湾区中心医院) to see a doctor due to discomfort. On the early morning of May 21, Ms. Guo's nucleic acid test for COVID-19 came back positive. She was then put under quarantine at the Liwan Central Hospital for further investigation.

After reexamination, Ms. Guo has been confirmed as a COVID-19 case. She has been transferred to the Guangzhou No. 8 People's Hospital for isolation and treatment.

After receiving the report, Liwan's COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters immediately set up an expert team to launch an epidemiological survey.

As of 5pm today, 16 close contacts have been identified and put under quarantine. All 7 of her immediate family members have been tested and are negative for COVID-19. Another 67 secondary close contacts have been taken to a centralized medical observation center, 65 of whom tested negative for the virus.

Two samples collected from Ms. Guo's house were tested positive, while other samples collected from relevant sites all tested negative.

As of 6pm today, a total of 31,818 nucleic acid tests for COVID-19 have been carried out, among which 3,183 tests have come out negative so far.

Over the past 14 days, Ms. Guo stayed in Guangzhou and visited the following venues:

● East Tower of Huixin Ge (汇鑫阁东座)

● Fever clinic, Liwan Central Hospital of Guangzhou (荔湾中心医院发热门诊);

● Longjin Market (龙津市场);

● Daoxiang Restaurant in West Point Center (稻香酒家富邦中心店);

● Youyijian Dimsum & Tearoom (又一间茶点轩);

● Ren Dian tea house (任点全天茶市港式点心);

● Staff canteen in Heye Plaza (员工餐厅和业广场店);

● Kapok Restaurant in Simgo City Plaza (卡朋西餐厅城光荟店);

● Kowlong Tea Restaurant in Simgo City Plaza (九龍茶记城光荟店);

The city calls on people who have been to these venues between May 4 and May 18 to report to their local community and take a nucleic acid test at the closest community healthcare center as soon as possible. Residents are also urged to actively receive COVID-19 vaccine as early as possible.

The district has also made an announcement on this matter:

1. All residents who live and/or work in or near the Jinlong Community, Longjin Street should take a nucleic acid test according to the community's notice and arrangement.

2. The above-mentioned residents should stay indoors and avoid gatherings before the results of nucleic acid testing come out. If you feel unwell, please go to the nearest hospital to see a doctor without delay.

3. Please do not trust or spread rumours, and follow self-protection procedures: wearing a mask, washing hands regularly and keeping social distance are still necessary. Related information will be updated in a timely manner.

Updates on COVID-19 cases in Guangdong

On May 20, Guangdong reported one new case of imported confirmed infection and three new asymptomatic cases. The confirmed case, reported by Guangzhou, came from Cambodia. And the three asymptomatic cases, two reported by Guangzhou, came from Malaysia and Oman, and one reported by Shenzhen, came from South Africa.

As of midnight yesterday, Guangdong had reported a total of 2,400 cases, including 1,004 imported cases.

As of 9am, May 21, there are no regions with high risk and 22 regions with moderate risk in China, including 7 in Anhui province, and 15 in Liaoning province.

Author: Monica

Editor: Olivia & Jerry

Editor: Monica Liu

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